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Core and Functional Strength

This section provides soccer athletes with the effective strength training exercises and programs to make you more stable and powerful on the pitch.


Improve Your Trunk Stability with this Simple Bridge Exercise

Trunk stability is talked about all the time and is an important part of any training program. The exercise in this article will improve core strength in the transverse or rotational plane.

Working Your Core Outside of Practice or the Gym?

A strong core can help prevent injury by providing a good foundation for the rest of your body. One of the most important muscles to activate for the core is the transverse abdominis muscle. Here is a tip that will allow you to keep the transverse abdominis in a neutral spine position (not too slouched and not too arched), even when you are not working out.

Core Series For Soccer Players

Are you doing enough core exercises? Are you doing the right ones? This simple core series will provide you with the necessary pelvic stability to produce a more powerful kick, allow you to ward off defenders and improve your agility on the soccer field. The program can be performed at the practice field, in the gym or at home

Lunge to Press

The lunge to press exercise is an effective exercise to generate single leg strength and upper body strength. This can be considered a progression from the basic lunge exercise. This exercise can be incorporated into your overall training circuit.

RDL's For The Soccer Player

RDL Reaches are a must do for soccer athletes. Why? Because it works on balance, core control, flexibility, hamstring & ankle strengthening; all factors that are essential to being an effective soccer athlete.

Variety For Core Strengthening

This is a great functional exercise for the advanced athlete that wants to add a little variety to core strengthening. Many athletes can get complacent and often times neglect to progress their planks. The soccer athlete will benefit here because it involves core strengthening while working on your knee drive and acceleration.

Squat Series For Soccer Players

Squats are an integral part of a soccer players strengthening program. The benefits of them range from increased sprint speed and vertical jump, to increase power base to hold off other players.

Add Intensity To Soccer Fitness With A Kettlebell SLDL

The Single Leg Straight Leg Dead Lift is commonly used to strengthen the hamstrings and glutes. The exercise will also improve balance and knee stability.

Improve Your Strength For Soccer With The Pullover To Stand

If you want an overall body strength exercise, this one will do the trick. The Pullover to Stand is an advanced exercise that will challenge your entire body. It strengthens your trunk, hips, legs, and it can be a great power exercise if you incoporate a jumping movement with it

Improve Your Soccer Fitness By Progressing Your Lunges

Lunges remain a fundamental method to increase strength and power, but just doing basic lunges over and over again can limit your progress. Thankfully, you can easily progress this exercise into a more "functional" one by simply lunging into multiple directions.