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Occurrences of brain injuries in soccer rank second to American football. If not managed correctly, concussions can have dire consequences for soccer athletes. 90strong provides you with the latest information and research on brain injuries, concussion management, and concussion prevention.


10 Ways to Address Concussions in Soccer

Here is 10 ideas to address the ever increasing concussion rates in soccer.   

photo by Cheryl Evans/The Republic

photo from Damir Sagoli/Reuters

Does Álvaro Pereira’s Concussion Imply Change In FIFA Policy?

Athletic Trainer and 90STRONG contributor Josh Beaumont discusses Pereira's concussion that has sparked a concern about a possible need to change FIFA's policy on concussions. With the general consensus that Pereira suffered a concussion, will he play in the next game or will Uruguay continue to risk this player’s health?

Did You Know: Dehydration Increases the Chance of a Concussion

Proper hydration for the overall health of one’s body and maximum performance is well known but did you know that it is also instrumental in preventing a concussion?

The Importance of Concussion Testing

Concussion injuries are really not the problem. The real problem is in effectively managing it. In my opinion,  this holds especially true for soccer athletes at the high school/club level.

Neck Strengthening For Concussions

Research indicates that neck strengthening can actually prevent concussions.

Can Heading A Soccer Ball Cause Brain Damage?

Soccer is one of the only sports to require a player to apply a force to a ball with their head. This has inspired a great amount of research within the scientific community to determine if there are any long-term effects that occur to the brain specifically due to heading a soccer ball, such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy seen in boxers and football players.

Return to Play Progression After A Concussion

Concussions are the hot topic across all of sports. For the past 20 years, the concept of not participating in sports while symptomatic has been known. The big question now is how long should one wait after symptoms stop before returning to the field?

Do mouth guards help prevent concussions?

The value of having a mouth guard in preventing dental injuries has been well documented for years but does it help prevent concussions? There are three theories on how a mouth guard will prevent or reduce the chance of a concussion