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Bump up your planks with these advanced band moves

Are you ready to advance your plank moves and add some instability with a resistance band? Plank moves are great for core stability because they require your body to maintain a neutral spine while being unsupported by a bench or the ground. Spinal health, shoulder and hip stability and core control should be part of your weekly program. Planks by themselves are difficult but if you are ready for the added challenge, try these movements with a resistance band.

In this first video of parallel to side plank, position the band under your arm pit and across your chest.  Keep your feet shoulder width apart. The goal of this exercise is to start with your hips facing the ground then rotate away from the band and end with your hips facing in a side plank position. To advance this move, add a hip dip while in the side plank position. The hip dip will strengthen your gluteus medius.


In this second video I demonstrate a side plank move with the band resistance coming from overhead. Move your top leg and knee towards your elbow and perform a side crunch while planking. The second move is to take your bottom leg and move it forward and backward while switching your hand in opposite directions. The first move requires oblique and gluteus medius strength while the second move requires inner thing and adductor strength.


In the third video I am in the quadriped position on my feet and hands. Change from four points of contact to two and raise your opposite leg as the resistance band.  Drive your knee toward your chest and bring your hand toward your knee. The resistance comes from pulling overhead toward your knee. Keep your foot stance wide for more control.

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