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Box Footwork Drills to Increase Foot Speed

This series is designed to improve speed, coordination, and agility. By going through these exercises, the amount of time that your foot spends in contact with the ground will decrease and your speed will increase. Besides using this series for performance enhancement, it may also be used for knee and ankle strengthening when coming back from injury.

We recommend using the stackable Steps available from Perform Better . If you are out on the field or on the track, field a 9 inch step. Start with 30 Seconds on, 30 seconds rest. Go through all 5 exercises twice.   Remember you want to go as fast as you can without sacrificing form. As you master these exercises add more time or repetitions. 

2 Foot Up 2 Foot Down

Alternating Touches

Lateral 2 feet up 2 feet down

Lateral Scissors

Lateral Hops


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