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The Best Tool For Speed And Acceleration

I consider sled training to be the most important factor in developing speed & acceleration. That is because it is a combination of both running drills and weight room exercises. As I've said in my previous articles during speed month, your ability to generate explosive acceleration in your sprints relies on your ability to generate force from the ground. But what is important is the specific manner in which you do it. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and plyometrics help generate force and should be applied to your speed training program. But these weight room exercises apply more to vertical jump improvement more so than sprinting improvement. That is because many of these exercises focus more on generating force that moves you UP versus generating force that propels you FORWARD. The weighted sled, on the other hand, teaches you to how to generate force while your center of gravity is slightly forward and ahead of your feet, much like in sprinting. It focuses on training those specific muscle groups that are so crucial in generating incredible acceleration on the soccer field. 

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