Ankle Injuries


Preventing Shin Splints

Shin splints can go from being annoying to flat out debilitating. Shin splints occur when the muscles, tendons and bone covering (periosteum) become inflamed. The pain is typically on the outside or lateral side of the tibia or shin, but occasionally affects the inside or medial portion as well.

Ankle Protocol To Help Prevent Ankle Injuries

Courtesy of our very own Chris Phillips, ATC, CSCS, 90strong contributor and owner of Compete Sports Performance & Rehab in Lake Forest, he has created a specific ankle protocol that should be performed before and after soccer training.

Single Leg Balance Toss On An Uneven Surface

This is a great exercise for preventing ankle and knee injuries. Injuries often occur when the body cannot stabilize itself in the ever changing environment of a soccer game.  

Calf and Toe Raises to Prevent Injuries

Utilize these two simple exercises to improve performance and reduce such injuries as ankle sprains and shin splints. Superset the calf raises and toe raises for 2-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions daily.

Minitramp Exercises for Ankle Stability

Following an ankle injury, proprioceptive exercises must be performed to help regain the stability of the joint. Stability exercises, such as the minitramp oscillations will help train the body to handle dynamic movements such as cutting and jumping that occur on the soccer field.