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Ankle Exercises- 3 Part Series, Intermediate Exercises


Ankle injuries are common in soccer.  Being able to rehabilitate properly from an injury will help reduce reoccurrence of injury and complications.  Progression from basic to advanced ankle exercises helps prepare your ankle for the stop and go, balance and endurance your ankles need for soccer.  This three part series includes basic, intermediate and advanced ankle strengthening exercises.  Ensure the nature of your injury before you begin these exercises and do not progress unless you are instructed to if under the care of a physician, athletic trainer or physical therapist.

When you are ready to advance from isolated ankle exercises and increase your weight bearing you are ready to move to intermediate ankle exercises.  These moves involve balancing on one foot and changing angles on your body.  These moves incorporate single leg squat/lunging in different planes engaging the knee, hip, spine and core with the intent to change your postural stability and increase your strength.  Complete one set of each exercise. 

The progression for the intermediate ankle exercise video is listed below:

  • Standing calf raise
  • 4 way lunge standing on one foot on the axis and on the diagonal- toe tap, heel tap, whole foot tap, no foot tap
  • 4 way lunge standing on a step on one foot
  • 4 way lunge standing on a balance board, bosu ball or other unstable object

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