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5 minutes of quick and easy hip strengthening- part 3

In this 3 part video series I demonstrate exercises using a 22” long loop band from Power Systems. You can use a resistance band with handles or a long strip of latex band. These bands can be an inexpensive way to get resistance for these common exercises and are easy to carry. In this last video series I demonstrate exercises on your hands and knees.

The first move is called the Square and you basically make 4 points with the band around your feet and knees. While on one knee and both hands push your thigh into the band and open the square. Do not allow your knees or feet to collapse or your back to wobble. This move is great for your hip external rotators, glute medius and spinal control.

The Donkey Kick is next using the band around one foot. Keep your spine stable and your core under control. Kick your leg backward and straight. If you lack hamstring and gluteus maximus control the band will make your leg wobble as you come into your chest. Return your knee slowly towards your chest for eccentric control.

The third move is a Straight Leg Kick and requires constant hamstring activation with gluteus maximus lift. Keep your leg straight and foot engaged as you lift from the ground upward. Do not lift too high or your back will rotate and make the exercise ineffective.

The fourth move is a combination of a Donkey Kick and Straight Leg Kick. This helps relax the glute muscles for a moment and then will blast it as you kick back and upward. Maintain a flat back and neutral spine.

The last move is a Ceiling Push. Imagine you have your flat foot on the ceiling and you are trying to push your foot through. This end range of motion in the hip and glute muscles helps activate the very last of hip extension and keeps it on constant contraction. Remember to keep your back in neutral and hips level. Once your hips break from level, you lose the effectiveness of the exercise.

Complete 10-30 of each move and hold at the ends for a second.

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