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5 minutes of quick and easy hip strengthening- part 2

In this 3 part video series I demonstrate exercises using a 22” long loop band from Perform Better. You can use a resistance band with handles or a long strip of latex band. These bands can be an inexpensive way to get resistance for these common exercises and are easy to carry. This second set of exercises while on your back will work your inner and outer thighs, hip flexors and extensors and your lower abdominals.

The first move is called the Square and you basically make 4 points with the band around your feet and knees. Open the band and do not allow your knees or feet to collapse. This move is great for your outer hip and glute medius. Keeping your legs parallel to each other helps stimulate your hip external rotators.

The second exercise is called the Triangle and requires straight legs with the band around your feet. Open the band at least a foot and you will feel the tension running up the outside of your thighs, into your IT band and hips. Slightly close the band for relaxation and then open again.

Easily transition into Triangle Drops and include lower abdominal strengthening by dropping your legs towards the ground.

The last transition into Triangle Shuffles includes lower abdominals with hip flexion, extension and abduction at the same time. Keep the band around your feet at least 12 inches apart and simulate shuffling your feet forward and backward.

For the last two moves place the band around one foot and take the band across your body to provide tension as you abduct your leg. Take the band to the same side as your leg and move your leg in adduction and across your body. These moves work your out thigh and inner thigh respectively.

Hold each move for a second. Complete 10-30 repetitions of each move.

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