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4 Way Hip Exercises With A Band- one of the best exercises for strength and stability

Soccer is a game played on the solid ground and in the air. I always sit in amazement of how the body moves when I watch over the field.  A player steps on one foot and maintains postural stability, sometimes against a defender, while leaning at an angle. Then the player manages to trap a ball or flick it in the air while the other leg is unsupported. The ability to stabilize on one foot and carry out a completely separate task with the other unsupported foot is quite skillful. How can you performance train for these situations? And how can you recover from an injury and be able to return to these tasks?

The 4 way hip exercise incorporates all of these skillful requirements including strength, balance, joint stability, postural control and concentration. In the video I demonstrate standing on my left foot to gain stability and balance with closed chain neuromuscular adaptation. My right foot is in an open chain position, meaning it has no solid contact with the ground. My right ankle, knee and hip are left fighting gravity and the resistance band to move in a coordinated pattern in space.

Notice in the video the amount of wobble and joint adaptations from my ankle and knee as I perform these moves. I also use a lot of hip control and abdominal strength to keep my posture upright and avoid falling over. I always start the movement with complete control and end with a one second hold for endurance. Bend as far forward with your trunk as possible and then stand up straight. Use your running arms for good mechanics. To advance this skill, I will perform these moves while standing on an air disc, BOSU ball, balance board or foam cushion.

Being able to strengthen two types of neuromuscular skills is specific to soccer and should be part of any rehabilitation and general strengthening program.

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